Aug 21, 2000 - Nov 2, 2000
Lita developed a heated rivalry with Stephanie McMahon and she finally got a shot at the Women's Championship on an edition of RAW. The Rock was the special guest referee, and he played a vital role in the match. Kurt Angle and Triple H were by Stephanie's side, and Angle tried to give her the belt to use as a weapon. The Rock spotted this and gave both Angle and Stephanie the Rock Bottom. Lita then connected with a moonsault and Lita had her first Women's Championship.
Dec 6, 2004 - Jan 9, 2005
WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus started barking up the wrong tree and it eventually came back to cost her. Stratus constantly antagonized Lita about everything from the breakup of the Hardy Boyz to the miscarriage of her child and the injury to her husbnad, Kane. Lita had a shot at Stratus at Survivor Series, but she couldn't keep her cool and choked out Stratus earning her a disqualification. After the match she brutalized her nemesis even more and broke her nose. When Chris Jericho was the General Manager of RAW for a night, he booked a match between Trish and as she put it, the Kiss of Death. Lita kept her cool this time, and took it to the champ, ultimately ending it with a moonsault. The title reign was Lita's second.
Aug 14, 2006 - Sep 17, 2006
Live on RAW from the University of Virginia, Lita defeated Mickie James in Mickie's home state to become a three-time Women's Champion.

In the end of the match, both women traded near-falls. But when Lita's boyfriend Edge jumped up on the ring apron, Lita grabbed the Women's Championship and blasted Mickie in the head. She then made the pinfall to pick up the victory and the championship, giving her Women's gold to match her boyfriend's WWE Championship.
Nov 5, 2006 - Nov 26, 2006
With Trish Stratus retiring following her Women's Championship victory against Lita at Unforgiven, the championship was declared vacant the next night on RAW.

More than one month later, Lita defeated Mickie James at Cyber Sunday in a WWE fan-voted Diva Lumberjacks Match to reclaim the title. Having defeated Candice, Maria and ultimately, Mickie James in a tournament for the vacated gold, Lita earned her fourth Women's Championship.
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