Women's Champion Becky Lynch def. Lita
Any previous reservations Becky Lynch had about putting down her childhood idol were thrown out the window as Big Time Becks shook off her conflictions and survived an incredible match against Lita to retain her Raw Women's Championship.

Lynch's frustrations were apparent from the get-go as she planted a huge slap across Lita's face. The former champion returned the blow moments later before setting up for a Twist of fate. Big Time Becks quickly reversed the move, however, and punished Lita in between the ropes and in the corner with a burst of stomps and leg drops.

The champion pummeled Lita and set up for a second Bexploder, but the extreme Superstar countered with a DDT, stunning Lynch with a flurry of offense capped off by a splash from the top rope. Lynch attempted to rally but got caught with a powerbomb from Lita for a near-fall. Lynch rolled out of the ring to avoid a moonsault and dropped Lita throat-first across the ropes with a neckbreaker.

Stunned but not out, Lita pulled out everything she had in her arsenal with a hurricanrana from the corner and a facebuster for a two-count, but she was once again denied as Lynch pulled her off the top rope before she could attempt a moonsault. The future Hall of Famer escaped Lynch's pin attempt following a Manhandle Slam, grabbing the ropes before delivering a Twist of Fate and a picture-perfect moonsault for a shocking near-fall on the champion.

Lita pulled an exhausted Lynch off the mat for another Twist of Fate, but The Vincent Van Goat had one last gasp, reversing it into a Manhandle Slam to earn the hard-fought victory.
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